Tuesday, December 27, 2011

La Madeleine

Shrimp Crepe Florentine - Shrimp, tomatoes, garlic, spinach, and pesto cream sauce

I had lunch at La Madeleine before meeting up with friends for yet another shopping expedition. Does shopping make me hungry or what? ;o) I ordered the Shrimp Crepe Florentine; there were two sizes available and I opted for the smaller one. Good thing too because this filled me up! The bread was complimentary; you can pick it up before getting your drink at the soda fountain.

The crepe was pretty soft and a little fluffy; the contents were tasty. I think the pesto cream sauce really makes this dish. It's pretty liquid-y, so you can use the complimentary bread to soak up whatever sneaks out from the crepe. :o) In my opinion, the entrees are a bit pricey for what you get. I'm glad I went and what I ordered was delicious but I probably won't be going back any time soon. The indoor fireplace is a nice touch though, particularly because of this cold weather we're having. 

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