Sunday, December 4, 2011

Farm Burger

"Facebook?" Yes, brainwashing exists!

Blackboard Burger No. 1: The Farm Burger with grafton smoked white cheddar, caramelized onions, FB sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes

Ahh, Farm Burger. I've already been to FLIP (need to go back and blog about it), Five Guys (again, need to return/blog), and Yeah Burger. Are there any other burger places I need to know? If so, leave a comment!

I went to Farm Burger's Buckhead location (there's another one in Decatur) and ordered a well-done "Facebook" burger. The burger literally took up half the basket! I was A-MAZED. It reminded me of a lesser version of a Shake Shack burger, actually. This was a tasty burger! I love the melted cheese and caramelized onions; the FB sauce is clearly mayo-based. (I kind of wished there was some sauce on the bottom bun but that's just me.) I couldn't decipher what herbs were in it because I was SO hungry! I scarfed the burger first and dove into the fries, which were pretty tasty as well. They were on the soft side, which is how I prefer them most of the time. Both food items are on the greasy side but sometimes that's all you want. There are forks on the table if you need them. ;o) I have been known to eat fries with a fork, just sayin'. The meal was certainly enough to fill me up for the rest of the evening - no need for an appetizer. The food came out quickly, too. NICE!

Farm Burger is located close to Piedmont Rd and Peachtree Rd. It is in the same building as Ru San's, if you're familiar with it, and across the street from Kroger/Starbucks. There's a parking deck, which was not charging for entry when I went there for dinner (yes!). Turning left out of the Piedmont Rd entrance is pretty impossible depending on the time of day, so there's an alternate exit but you have to drive around the parking deck for a little bit before you get to it. Once you reach that exit, you can turn left or right. Turning right sets you up at a traffic to turn onto Piedmont Rd.

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  1. Markus and I go to (Decatur) Farm Burger like every 10 days or so. Mmmm. Also, as a former vegetarian, I often try the veggie options, and their quinoa burger is just as delicious and satisfying as the meat.