Monday, January 2, 2012


Pork Prik King

My dad told me about Bua. It is a Thai restaurant located in the newish Brookhaven shopping center - with Publix, CineBistro, and Costco - near Oglethorpe University. When you pull into the development from Peachtree Road, it is two doors down from Noche.

I had a few errands to run in this area and I knew my dad was familiar with the restaurant, so I stopped by  to check it out. The lunch menu was pretty affordable, and the food was all right. I can't say I was blown away by the meal but the interior decor is quite nice. It was a Friday afternoon, and there were hardly any customers. Take that as you will.

I *think* pork prik king is the correct name of the dish (it looks like chicken though, doesn't it? Hmm...). I tried to double-check by going to the website and perusing the menu but it seems that that is a work in progress. FRUSTRATING. Well, I remember this was listed as a spicy dish but it wasn't really that spicy. I have heard stories where some restaurants will have "spicy" dishes deliberately made mild for American customers for fear of literally burning people's mouths. True! I was a little disappointed because I don't normally eat spicy dishes so I was getting out of my comfort zone this time. Blast, there goes that. >.< They do have a bar as well as a sushi menu.

I'll have to re-check the website and edit the post whenever the menu is up and running. To be corrected later! ^_^

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