Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Alu gobhi - Potatoes and caulifower

Saag paneer - Spinach and cheese

Cold beans

Chicken tikka masala - There's a little kick to this!

I've been to Bhojanic once before, a year or so ago. I'm glad I was able to return, this time with a large group of friends. For dinner, they have two "menus": one that's laminated and one that's paper. The paper one sort of has the "specials" of the evening as well as the meats and veggies that are available for the combination options. You can combine one meat and one veggie, two meats and one veggie, one meat and two veggies, and so on - these are listed on the laminated menu. But the meat and actual veggies are listed on the paper menu. I remember being confused the first time I came here because I was looking all over the laminated menu for the meats and veggies.

I chose one meat and two veggies - the Bhojanic combination - and had chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, and alu gobhi. The dish came with rice, beans, yogurt, and paratha. I'm usually not a fan of Indian yogurt - I don't like the taste but this yogurt was all right. The yogurt and the beans were mild compared to the chicken, spinach, and potatoes and cauliflower - all of which had a kick of spiciness to them. I wasn't expecting that! The food's usually not that spicy or not spicy at all, so that was certainly a surprise.

I LOVE saag paneer, so I always get it whenever I go to an Indian restaurant. Chicken tikka masala, like a lot of chicken dishes at Indian restaurants, was pretty good. It's pretty safe choosing a chicken dish. The paper menu only had three meats available: chicken tikka masala, golden chicken curry, and a golden lamb curry for $3 extra. I opted for the potatoes and cauliflower mostly because I hadn't had cauliflower in a while. Plus, the other veggie options weren't as appealing when compared with potatoes. :oD A couple of my friends had the mango lassi to drink, which was tasty but had more yogurt flavor than mango. Two cents. It was a great dinner.

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