Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quinoa and Black Beans

Same potluck as the pumpkin bread + one more dish! I had some left over quinoa from... well, I don't know when, but it was well within the expiration date so I could still use it! ;oD I also had black beans left over from a chili I made last month. So... what happens when you combine quinoa and black beans? ... Uh, Quinoa and Black Beans, duh. ;oP

This recipe was quick and easy, and the dish tasted amazing, mostly because of the cilantro. I suppose you could substitute parsely instead but the cilantro flavor really adds to the dish. If this is your first time cooking quinoa, be mindful of the stove! When the recipe says to cook it for X minutes, you cook it for X minutes, otherwise it burns. O.o I learned this lesson not too long ago. Of course, you are free to burn your own quinoa but don't say I didn't tell you so. I was initially worried about the quinoa to black bean ratio but it ends up working out fine. And you might have overlooked it but there are onions in this dish. I can tolerate them when they're caramelized, not so much when they're raw. If you're making this for yourself, I'd say you could last for 4-5 days on it, on a one-meal-per-day basis. If you're like me and you could eat it for lunch and dinner for consecutive days, then it won't last as long. :oD It's light, refreshing, healthy, and colorful. YUM

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