Friday, November 18, 2011

Pho Bac

I've been to Pho Bac before for the banh mi Vietnamese sandwich. The dish is #36 on the menu. I am not usually a pho (noodle soup) patron - I much prefer the vermicelli noodles. I have never liked the feeling of defeat when it comes to eating a meal, and pho makes me feel... well, defeated. I have a hard time finishing the bowl, so I avoid disappointment by not ordering it. ^_^"

Anyway, the vermicelli! It has pork tidbits and a cut-up eggroll, both sitting atop crushed peanuts, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, and noodles. The sauce to the right is fish sauce, and you are supposed to pour it over the noodles and mix everything together. Usually, I pour the whole sauce bowl into the noodles but sometimes the sauce is best in moderation. Pouring the entire contents into the noodles generally leaves you with a small pool of sauce at the very bottom of the bowl, so you really don't need to use ALL of it. Two cents. Super tasty and filling for less than ten bucks!

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