Thursday, November 24, 2011

Indie Craft Experience (ICE)

Jason's Deli - Half-sandwich, half-soup meal

Club Royale - Toasted croissant with smoked turkey breast,
ham, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato,
honey mustard

Broccoli cheese soup

Chutney grilled cheese sandwich - In season, house-made chutney (like beet-strawberry-horseradish or peppercorn-peach-onion) and muenster grilled cheese

This visit was book-ended by food. The first stop was at Jason's Deli where I picked up a half-sandwich, half-soup meal. The last stop was at the Good Food Truck, which was situated just outside the doors of ICE. I'm not sure where the lentils came from - my friends bought the chutney grilled cheese and lentils, I did not. I have issues with paying for a grilled cheese sandwich. *looks side to side* It's just bread and cheese. -_____-"" I could make it at home! Anyway, I did have a bite of the chutney grilled cheese and was pleasantly surprised by the combination. The only thing missing was tomato soup - all grilled cheese sandwiches taste great with tomato soup. Good Food wasn't selling the lentils; I'm honestly not sure where they came from!

My friend, Jinah, told me about Indie Craft Experience. She had a booth set up under the Beaux Cous by Bunny Day banner, where she was selling super cute, handmade infinity scarves and fox scarves. Check out her blog, Bonjour! It's Jinah, to see what I mean! Jinah is a fabulous friend and a cunning crafter. Please tell everyone you know about her!

In case you are kicking yourself for missing out on this event, there will be a pop-up shop set up in Criminal Records in Little Five Points from December 1 to 24. If you are kicking yourself specifically for missing out on Jinah's shop, then please contact her at for more info.

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