Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chomp and Stomp

Grassroots signage

Pallookaville Food Truck Menu

Corndogski - Polish Kielbasa, regular cornbread

One of two chilis I liked

Number two of the two chilis I liked. The rest of them were either too: (a) soupy, (b) vinegar-y, (c) weird consistency-y, or (d) all of the above. :o\ I like to think I make better chili, but everyone has their own preferences, don't they? ;oP

Chili started pouring at 12:30pm. This was around 2pm! 

2011 marked my first visit to Cabbagetown's Chomp and Stomp Chili Cook-Off. I had heard about it last year from a classmate who lives in the neighborhood, and I vowed I would go there someday soon. It costs $5 for a tasting spoon. You are to walk from tent to tent, getting a sample cup of chili from each vendor. There are trash cans located along the route but they're hard to see once the crowd is out. Tip: Get there early! Chili started pouring at 12:30pm, and the vendors ran out pretty quickly. It's quite crowded too, so be patient when walking around the neighborhood. Space is tight, vendors are squished, and chili consumers are even more squished.

There were two long rows on separate streets where chili vendors lined up to serve. For those who like to err on the side of caution, there is also a separate row of food trucks available. However, these trucks are not included in the $5 spoon entry fee. You have to pay separately for that convenience. I was so glad to see the Pallookaville truck there. I first heard about this truck a couple of years ago from a friend. In the past year, I found and liked their Facebook fan page and I had the opportunity this past summer to finally eat one of their infamous corndogs at an event called Tunes from the Tombs, located at Oakland Cemetery. It was worth the wait!

At that time, I had the Fryinstein Monster, which previews three different kinds of meats: beef frank, Italian sausage, and Polish kielbasa. I can safely say that the beef frank and Polish kielbasa were fantastic. The Italian sausage just seems out of place in the line-up. :o\ Hence, why I bought the Corndogski this time around. It only contains the Polish kielbasa - yum! They have three different batter options as well: regular, cheese, and jalapeno. Perhaps next time I'll be adventurous and spur for the jalapeno. As it was, I chose the regular batter. The fries are good, too!

There were only two chilis that I liked, and I believe my friends and I went through six to eight different chili places. We ended up throwing away a lot of chili. :o\ There is also a section for the sale of wares and handmade goods and a children's play area. It's a nice little set-up in a quaint neighborhood. We parked at a nearby Marta station and took Marta to the King Memorial stop where we took the GT Stinger bus to the event. We ended up walking back to the car at the next station because the walk was about a mile, it was a nice day, and we needed to walk off what we ate. :oD I would definitely recommend going if you haven't gone before. The chili adventure is fraught with peril but you have food trucks as back-up, plus you get to see what Cabbagetown is all about. Pretty nice way to spend a few hours, particularly on a beautiful sunny day.

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