Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bone Garden Cantina

Pollo Diablito Tamale and Pescado Negro Taco

Bone Garden Cantina - I've been here once before, and I forgot to document the meal! O.o Never fear! I always relish the opportunity to eat fish tacos. ^_^ Just to mix it up a bit, a friend of mine suggested I get a tamale too. Apparently, when you open the corn husk, it is NOT supposed to fall apart like it does in the picture above. Sadness... but the dish was still tasty! Actually, it was a bit spicy, too! That was definitely a surprise. The fish taco was just okay for me - I can think of a couple of places where I'd rather have them (ahem, Verde Taqueria). There just wasn't that much flavor in my opinion; I suppose it could have used some salt. And the double soft taco shell was off-putting - I can see why they wouldn't use one since one might have been too thin to hold the taco's contents but why not have adequately sturdy soft shell tacos to start with? Ahh, I'm being nitpicky. It was a lot of shell is all I'm saying. I wouldn't order the fish taco again but I'd definitely like to try another tamale!

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