Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rosebud, Stone Mountain


Open-faced salmon sandwich - House-cured salmon, citrus-fennel slaw, h & f pumpernickel, horseradish aioli, and fried egg

"Boat" of sushi - I'm afraid I didn't order this, so I'm unsure as to what's included. I will say, however, that the sushi to the far right was AWESOME. There is a "sushi boat" available on the sushi menu, but we definitely had more than four people. O_O

Charleston Shrimp and Grits - Shrimp, Andouille sausage, spinach, tomatoes, roasted garlic cream, pepper jack cheese grit

Bread Pudding with Jack Daniel's ice cream

At my brother's recommendation, we had brunch at Rosebud Restaurant in Virginia-Highlands. The sign is hard to read from the car, so let it be known that it's across the street from Yoforia. Service was a bit slow - we were a big party, including additional family members - but the food was good. Half the table got coffee (which kept the server busy, for sure!) but I opted out. The open-faced salmon sandwich was HUGE - I had trouble finishing it. I normally opt for eggs when I have brunch but by the time the server came to take our order, it felt like lunch time to me. I do recommend the calamari there.

Thank goodness for the walk-up trail at Stone Mountain Park! It's deceptively easy - the first half-mile is pretty good for hiking and there's a station where you can rest at a picnic table to catch your breath. The second half, however, is at an incline. (O___O) It was another beautiful day and another filled-my-stomach-to-the-brim meal, so what the heck? Why not? There were even more people at Stone Mountain than there were at Piedmont Park the day before. I was majorly impressed with the number of families partaking in the trek as well as those people who went up and down the trail numerous times. There was a pumpkin festival going on, which might have accounted for the number of people there. I hadn't been to Stone Mountain in YEARS.

On the way home, I made a stop-over at White Windmill. It was a chance for them to visit a Korean bakery (which, to them, was similar to a Chinese bakery) and again try the coffee. Surprisingly, they liked the iced coffee. We picked up some pastries and headed home; the place was pretty packed and, for some reason, it felt stuffy in there (unusual).

We took it easy until dinner time at Goldfish. The whole family came out. The sushi boat served as an appetizer for everyone; we also split seaweed salad (which is pretty much the same wherever you go). I ordered the Charleston shrimp and grits and LOVED it. The grits had a mashed potato-like consistency to them. It was a very filling meal - the theme for the entire duration of my cousin's visit. ;o) A few people wanted dessert, so I ended up trying the bread pudding, classic vanilla bean crème brulée, and warm chocolate cake. The bread pudding was ginormous - definitely a dessert to split with others. The crème brulée and chocolate cake were decently-sized individual portions. I had never been to Goldfish before, and now I'm glad I did. I was told they were known for their sushi, but I would recommend most items off of that menu. Service was excellent.

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