Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marlow's Tavern

Personalized, signed copy of Alton Brown's latest book

Kickin' Chicken Verde soup - tender chicken, fresh cilantro, roasted tomatillos, fall sweet corn, and chili cream

Grilled Crispy Chicken - Bone-in Prestige Farms chicken breast, summer squashes, crispy goat cheese, and toasted curry tomato sauce

White Cheddar grit cake

I included part of the seasonal menu for Marlow's Tavern above - I figured you could look up the regular menu on your own. [Note: I don't know whether this seasonal menu is available only at the midtown location or at all Atlanta-area locations.] I had the chicken verde soup - it was light and surprisingly filling. My friend had the grilled crispy chicken and grit cake off the regular menu. The chicken was tender and moist. The sauce at the bottom of the dish looks like marinara and tastes sort of like a diluted marinara, which I didn't like. The grit cake was awesome - it's essentially fried cheese grits. I think it would taste great with ketchup. :o)

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