Friday, November 18, 2011

Holly's Cupcake Shop

A coworker introduced me to Holly's Cupcake Shop. They are located in Conyers and Colony Square in midtown Atlanta. They offer a variety of cupcake flavors, some only available on certain days.

I tried the banana pudding cupcake (Thursday). It was sweet but not overbearingly so - like an Asian baked good! It was a banana-flavored muffin, fluffy and moist, with a small dollop of gooey banana pudding in the center. The frosting was light as well with a hint of vanilla flavoring. Vanilla wafers were sprinkled on top. I could tell the cupcake had been sitting (not fresh), but I got it around lunchtime. I assume it was made much earlier in the day.

The cost is $2.75 per cupcake. It's a bit steep for me as I could probably make a similar cupcake at home for less. But if you're really into cupcakes and trying out different kinds or don't like to bake, then you'd probably like it.

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