Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cafe Intermezzo, Atlanta Greek Festival

My cousin and her boyfriend visited Atlanta for a few days, and I took them out over the weekend to various city happenings/tourist spots. This is the first of three posts about what we did while they were here.

Combination plate - Chicken lathorigano, marinated souvlaki, moussaka, tiropita, spanakopita, rice pilaf, and a roll

My visitors LOVE strong coffee, so I made an effort to take them to a few places where they could try different brands. Cafe Intermezzo came to mind due to both the coffee and dessert factors. There was plenty of variety but they ultimately were unimpressed with the coffee drinks they chose. Since it was pretty late, I stuck with a hot chocolate drink. I love this place because it's open late, but the service is always spotty. I can't remember a time when I had *great* service there.

The Atlanta Greek Festival was happening that weekend, and I've been attending this fest for the past few years. I always get the combination plate, which was delightfully missing that grape-leaf wrapped dolmades. In all the years I've been to the festival, I've never liked it in my combination plate. The plate is heavy on protein and starches and light on veggies. The chicken needs to be eaten quickly - it's moist at first but soon dries out. I finished most of the plate's contents and felt so heavy afterwards. I pigged out, man. I hadn't had that large a serving of starches in a while - now I remember why. ;oD

While we were there, they tried the Greek coffee. The coffee making/boiling process was pretty simple, and the story behind "having coffee" in Greece was crazy. Spending hours at a place chit-chatting and sipping coffee? Haha... that sure sounds familiar. In all seriousness, coffee time is much more laidback than what you find in the States.

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