Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aussieland Detour - Toronto

I flew Air Canada, and had two connections through Toronto and Vancouver. Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight in Toronto. O_O The next available flight was 24 hours out, so the airline put me up in a hotel that evening. It was a treacherous and wildly emotional time for me because I have never missed a flight before, so I didn't know what the "proper" procedure was for getting on another one. O_o Now that I know, I'll be prepared for next time.

FYI: The US dollar is weak in Canada. Do:

Hotel breakfast - I definitely ate more than I should have... blah...

Hotel lunch [Lentil soup] - By the time I had figured out what I wanted to do in Toronto, it was already past noon. O.o This is what happens when I'm thrown a curveball.

Also hotel lunch - Caesar salad.

Snack: The airplane food was okay. I knew that caramel dip wasn't good for me, but I went for it anyway. ;oP

Dinner: Chicken with rice, cold bean salad, bread, and a chocolate cake.

Snack: Turkey sandwich with cookies

Breakfast: Plain omelette with potatoes, bread, and fruit.

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