Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aussieland - Days 4-6

Lunch during Blue Mountains day trip

Granola bars were a lifesaver!

Homemade din-din

Hot Dog de Wheels (House Special) - Continental Viennese smoked frankfurt served with mushy peas, chili con carne, and garlic onions with cheese sauce and chili sauce

I remember enjoying the hot dog but also wishing for a couple of improvements. Grilling the hot dog itself would've lent a nice texture to the meal. Furthermore, it looked like nacho cheese "sauce" was used in lieu of "real cheese" sauce. Real cheese definitely would've tasted better. But, this was a cheap meal, so I suppose it's to be expected.

Black & White Burger - 100% Australian Angus Pure Natural Beef, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, free range egg, thick cut mozzarella, home-made mayonnaise & tomato relish


I could seriously feel my arteries constricting after consuming the ENTIRE BURGER. I was hungry!



"Ideal for cooking"??


Snackety-snack, don't talk back.


Gloria Jean's - akin to Starbucks

Ravioli & Peas - Beef ravioli with Bolognese and peas

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