Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aussieland - Day 1

I arrived at 8am on a Sunday with no jetlag. Mwah ha ha! 

After settling in, I went with a cousin and a friend to the Aroma Festival. It was pretty much the only event going on in Sydney that day, and ALL of Sydney came out for it. Mmm... coffee was just what I needed!

Coffee cup size - You paid about AUS$2-$3 for one cup. It's a bit pricey (US dollar is weak in Australia), but how else are you going to sample so many different kinds of coffees?

Lunch: Turkish Gozleme made with spinach, cheese, and chicken.

Friend's lunch: Turkish Gozleme made with spinach, cheese, and beef. I preferred the chicken. Both were freshly made though, so I can't really complain. ;oD

The pedestrian sign is funny.

Yeah... I'm not paying $4.50 for a cannoli. I already know where to get the best ones - Mike's in Boston, Massachusetts. ;oD

Aslan? You mean like The Chronicles of Narnia? Resurrecting coffee!

One of my friends ate this.. I don't know the name of it but clearly it's a wrap.

Max Brenner - There are only four US locations. Sadness.

They all sound delicious! "Snack" time!


WAFFLE! with strawberries, bananas, and vanilla ice cream.

This pastry was filled with chocolate, too. NOM

Dinner: Ramen Kan

Pork rib ramen with a side of corn - This was quite tasty. I wasn't sure whether I was in the mood for ramen, but the base was pretty good. The corn helped, too.

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