Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Williams Sonoma Ice Cream Demo

Scraping vanilla bean for seeds; used to make vanilla ice cream

Blueberry topping

Peach sorbet - made in less than five minutes!

Peach sorbet

Variety of ice cream machines/tools with flexible measuring cups in forefront

Vanilla ice cream made from scratch

Vanilla ice cream + blueberry topping

Popsicle - using orange-rimmed tools on counter

I forget the flavor. -____-"

I just thought this was funny. Truth in advertising! ^_^

Cookies 'n creme ice cream - used same machine for vanilla ice cream from above - except the cookies 'n creme came from a package, not from scratch.

Homemade custard - vanilla bean seeds on top

Cookies 'n creme ice cream

KitchenAid has an ice cream maker attachment for .. about $60, if you already own a stand. (Plug!)

Ice cream is food. Williams Sonoma hosts an annual From Scratch - Ice Cream demonstration. [On the WS website, go to Store Events/Complimentary Technique Classes.] I was fortunate enough to spot this event in a daily deal email I receive for the Atlanta area. I had mixed feelings about the demo - on the one hand, I wanted to make the ice cream myself; on the other, it would've taken forever for everyone there to participate in that process. After all, this demonstration took place to shill the store's products. I'm glad there were samples! Sadly, this event occurs only once per year, so you'll have to wait until next year to see one in person. Pencil it in for July 2012.

In the meantime, will I be making ice cream from scratch anytime soon? Probably not. I would want to do this with at least one friend in the kitchen - this is a great learning and tasting experience to share with others. If it happens though, you can be sure that I'll document the whole process.

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  1. I have an ice cream maker ;)

    It looks just like the Kitchenaid attachment except it has its own motor.