Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Verde Taqueria

Queso [Jalapeno queso - perfectly creamy and cooked with pickled jalapeños. Topped with a diced, fresh jalapeño garnish], guacamole [Made fresh all day - served with a lime slice], and salsa [Fresh house-made salsa with a slight jalapeño kick]
Note: This is a combination appetizer - queso, guac, and salsa.

(Top) Fried fish taco - Cornmeal dusted fried tilapia with fresh coleslaw, fried jalapeños, and chipotle aioli
(Bottom) Fried calamari taco - Dusted in cornmeal with fried jalapeños, coleslaw, and jalapeño ranch sauce

Um, one half of a fried fish taco... ^_^ I'm just pointing out the size of it. It's a pretty substantial taco!

Dinner plans fell through, so friends recommended Verde Taqueria. I hadn't heard of this place before, and I had eaten at Varasano's the night before, so Mexican was a great idea. This restaurant is located in a newish plaza off of Dresden Drive. I've passed by it a few times, noting that it's like a mini Virginia-Highlands. In fact, the parking lot was so full, I had to park in the neighborhood across the street. O_O

The tortilla chips were sturdy, perfect for dipping into any of the three delicious dips in front of us. The salsa and queso did have some kick, but not to the point of drowning yourself in water. On some occasions, I like chunky salsa; on others, I like it finely puréed. Verde Taqueria's version was the latter. In all, I liked the combo appetizer.

I ordered the fried fish taco and the fried calamari taco - two tacos are enough! This was the first time I encountered a full-fledged fish taco - needless to say, I was impressed. By "full-fledged," I mean that it was hard me to close the darn taco to eat it because there was so much filling! YUM! It tasted great, too. The size makes it worth the money. The calamari taco required a little strategy because it consists of little fried pieces versus one slice of fried fish, but it too was tasty. I would definitely go back for more tacos.

Oh! We also shared an order of fried plantains (more yum) and churros with chocolate sauce. Sorry, no pics! But these fall in line in terms of tastiness. :oD Two thumbs up.

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