Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Pizza-eating instructions - this actually came in handy!

Chica Bella - Ricotta and Mozzarella finished with arugula and a pinch of lemon

Fat shot aka wide shot

Crostini Bruschetta - Grilled bread, chopped tomatoes, Parmigiano Reggiano, garlic, and herbs


Slice of Margherita pizza - Mozzarella and tomato sauce with basil

I'd heard of Varasano's before and finally found the time to go with a friend of mine. Anyway, I ordered the Chica Bella with the illogical reasoning that the arugula on top would counteract the unhealthy pizza below it. -____-" It reminded me of a forest when it arrived at the table. The pizza was slightly bigger than a personal pan-size - perfect for two people! I want to say there were six slices total, so three per person. The crust was extremely thin (thus the eating instructions - reminding me of calzones, really) and the toppings seemed to be just the right amount considering the thin crust's capabilities. Unfortunately, the "pinch of lemon" turned me off from the Chica Bella. Don't get me wrong - I ate my half of it, but I was sidetracked by that lemon taste. To me, it made the pizza taste a bit sour, with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. :o\ I wouldn't order it again.

After the pizza, my friend and I were still hungry but not hungry enough for another pizza. So, we ended up getting the Crostini Bruschetta, which was good and crunchy. The toppings made for a delicious combination on the bread.

Then, after all of THAT, our waitress came over with another pizza (the Margherita)! O_O It was either a wrong order or one of the chefs was in training - either way, she offered us the pizza on the house. (Score!) Wish we hadn't ordered the Crostini after all! I couldn't say 'no' to this opportunity and I convinced my friend that we could each try a slice. ^_^ I know that Antico's offers the same pizza, so in addition to getting something for free I was also conducting a little taste experiment. ;oD

The Margherita was infinitely better than the Chica Bella, but I still prefer Antico's version. It helps that Antico's makes their pizza fresh and their crust is slightly thicker, allowing for more generous toppings. In this pizza battle, I have to say I prefer Antico's.

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  1. the bella chica is one of their least impressive pies. The caramelized onion and ementhaler is spectacular. for straight up Neapolitan pizza Antico wins hands down, but the new haven clam and some of the others at Varasanos are great in their own right.