Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Honeydew bubble tea with bubbles (tapioca pearls) - this isn't listed on the online menu but it is available in store

Thai tea bubble tea with bubbles (tapioca pearls)

Side note: We used a halfoffdepot voucher, which we had gotten for free when they had the $5 give-away a while back.  ($5 give-away paid for the $5 voucher worth $10 at SunO's Pleasant Hill Rd location.) Basically, our tab was $0. ^_^

Top: Strawberry Banana
Left: Brownie Overload
Right: Green Tea Red Bean

Bottom right: Some concoction my friend put together O_O It was still tasty, of course!
It may be the SunO Pappinsu... with extra condensed milk.

Most Asians are aware of SunO Desserts [pronounced soon-o]. There are four locations so far: Pleasant Hill Rd near H-Mart; Jimmy Carter Boulevard in the Hong Kong Supermarket; North Decatur Rd near Emory University; and East Broad St in Athens near University of Georgia (UGA). As of late, many non-Asians are aware of it, too. 

The concept of shaved milk ice is "new" to some Americans. It's lighter than ice cream, yogurt, and gelato but weighted down and flavored by sweetened condensed milk. There are two sizes: small and large. You'll almost always have to share a large with someone - it's just too much for one person. The menu provides different combinations for you, or you can make your own version. 

To my knowledge, the teas are made from powder, not scratch. They are still tasty but don't expect to have an authentic tea there. [Try Mr. Tea House instead - it's only two doors down.] The honeydew version was very sweet - my sweet tooth loved it! In comparison, the Thai tea was really bland. My friend says it's supposed to taste that way. Needless to say, I gladly stayed with my honeydew tea. :oD

We didn't really purchase ALL four of those SunO buckets. We ordered two, then found out that the kids behind the counter messed up a customer's order. Thus, we were gifted two large SunO buckets for free. Two buckets was manageable for five people, but four?! We tried to get more friends to come over and help us with this "problem," but no takers. We had a lot of SunO that day... O_O Good for a hot afternoon. All SunO locations have free Wi-fi as well. ^_^

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