Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hankook Taqueria

Shrimp taco: Crispy shrimp with hoisin tartar sauce

Sesame fries: Tossed in sesame oil and red pepper flakes

You just can't go wrong with a visit to Hankook Taqueria. I heard about this Korean taco stand a couple of years ago through friends. They also operate a food truck under the name, Yumbii, which shows up at various food truck events through metro Atlanta. This is not my first rodeo - I've been here a few times, expecting cheap, delicious food. It has not let me down thus far. I've never tried the shrimp taco before, and unfortunately I was too hungry to really savor the flavors. Um, it was good. ;oD The sesame fries are addictive! They come with a sauce that has a little kick to it but it's not so spicy where you need a fire extinguisher. There's also a fried sweet potato offering which features a fat-tastic mayo-based sauce that is  quite yummy. If you'll recall, the fries were used as a nacho base for a previous trip. HT has a facebook fan page which provides daily updates about the day's specials. Though the specials become redundant after a while, the offerings still aim to please. Easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet.

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