Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cellar 56

Wild Mushroom Polenta - Saute of wild mushrooms over Locatelli Polenta (potatoes!)

Cellar 56 is located next to East Andrews. They serve tapas - these, however, are a bit pricier than the Eclipse di Luna/Loca Luna variety. On the plus side, there's more variety in terms of available dishes.

The Wild Mushroom Polenta was my "vegetarian" cop-out order. I knew it wasn't healthy vegetarian but I also didn't want to unnecessarily and unceremoniously stuff my face with other, more fattening choices. Yes, I could have chosen a salad ... salads are great. At the same time, salads can be BORING. O_O

Ahem, I digress. The mushrooms were sauteed just right and the polenta was just crispy enough for me. Though I was tempted to add ketchup, I didn't. The combination was great as is - no additional flavoring necessary. I believe the waiter said that two to three dishes generally make up a meal. What I saw at the table confirmed that statement! I'd go with a group of people so you can try out different dishes without incurring a huge tab - I recommend this strategy for anything tapas-like, i.e. Taste of Atlanta (held in October), so you can maximize the number of tasted dishes. We sat "outside" in the courtyard area - with no air conditioning - so I'd recommend sitting indoors if you can. O.o

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