Sunday, June 5, 2011

Radial Cafe




Portabello Benedict

"Regular" eggs Benedict - tasty! This was my sister's dish. The potato wedges lacked salt; honestly, I'd rather have non-salty potatoes than salty or too salty. Easy fix! Ketchup.

Located in Candler Park, Radial Cafe is housed in an old industrial building along with several other businesses. There's a parking lot out front as well as additional parking across a side street.

The Portabello Benedict was quite scrumptious. The mushroom cap was easy to cut yet the yolk was cooked all the way through. Having had eggs Benedict before, I thought this was odd but it didn't cause me a lot of grief. Looking back, I wish I had more hollandaise sauce plus some bread option so I could make a sandwich out of it. The asparagus was easy to cut as well and buttered perfectly. The picture is deceptive as the plate was rather small when it came out of the kitchen. I was full from the whole dish but I kept sneaking potato wedges from my sister's plate. ^_^" I can't resist potatoes! Anyway, I enjoyed this meal even with the yolk cooked through. It would be interesting to go back and ask for whole wheat toast to be added to it.

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