Monday, June 27, 2011


Lobster Cobb salad: Maine lobster, tomato, avocado, bacon, aged Gouda, egg, roasted garlic herb dressing

Many of you have probably heard of Murphy's - they have a great brunch menu. This time around, I met up with some friends for dinner. Thanks to this summer deal from Concentrics Hospitality, we knocked $20 off the tab. :o) For strategic purposes, however, I would only have 2-3 people total out for dinner. That way, you'll really feel like you're getting the best deal. We had five people at our table, so $20 off the total didn't seem like much savings to me.

I didn't expect the salad to come out in a deconstructed manner, so it immediately piqued my interest. I cut up the lettuce and all the accompanying food items and then I proceeded to consume the entire plate. ;o) The dressing was fantastic - it too surprised me. I was expecting a vinaigrette dressing, not even thinking how on earth that would taste with lobster. I'm glad this garlic herb dressing came with the salad - it's on the creamy side like ranch but tasted (far) less fattening. O.o

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