Friday, June 17, 2011

Mr. Tea House

Medium Honey Milk Tea with Tapioca

No official website for Mr. Tea House, however, there are Yelp and Facebook pages. My sister had told me about this place, so I'd been wanting to visit for a while. [She likes the green milk tea, among other choices.] I opted for the honey milk tea because, well, I like honey and I like milk tea, and I figured the combination could only be fantabulous as a result. :o) It was quite tasty - sweet but not too sweet. The tapioca (or the "bubbles" in bubble tea) were chewier than what I'm used to and I could've sworn they were slightly smaller in diameter, too. But.. that may just be me. I think what makes it awesome is that it's not made from a powder, at least it doesn't taste like it. I'm going back again this weekend. :o)

In addition to bubble tea, they also serve food items. I saw another table order fried sweet potatoes, which looked delicious. I'll have to go back (yet another time!) to try their food. In the meantime, you can read this blogger's account of the food. [Note: I don't know this person, I just googled Mr. Tea House and this was one of the search results.] The service was great - most likely due to the time of day I decided to go, 3 pm. My water cup was never empty. O_O The decor's pretty spiffy and modern - something a "younger" crowd would like. It's two stores down from Suno.

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