Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. Tea House - We meet again!

Taro milk tea with tapioca

Condensed milk toast

I figure the "X" on the toast was to allow the sweetened condensed milk to absorb into the bread faster. 

Told you I'd go back! I specifically tried a different flavor bubble tea AND got a little bite to eat while I was there. The taro milk tea was awesome - I hesitate to say that it was better than the honey milk tea from the first go-round, but it's comparable. Some people don't like the flavor of taro though; if that's the case, then there are plenty of other flavor options available. 

The condensed milk toast is about $2 to $3, which... given that it's basically Texas toast is ridiculous. But I wanted to try something there, so that's what I picked. My friend ordered toast with nutella on it, which was yummy but also quite crumbly - the nutella, not the bread.

I might try to go back in the next week or two to try out more menu items. It's quickly becoming a substitute coffeehouse for me to meet up with friends.

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