Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yeah! Burger

Yeah! Burger in Va-Hi. First time there, and the menu reminded me of Which Wich, where you are presented with your options à la carte. In this case: turkey burger + whole wheat bun + lettuce, tomato, American cheese, sautéed mushrooms + Yeah! Sauce + Caesar side salad. The salad portion was pretty generous but, then again, I would hope so considering it was an extra $3.99 to have it instead of a fried concoction.

I haven't had a burger in a long time, and this hit the spot. The bun was the perfect combination of sturdy and soft, and I felt good that I was eating healthy, too. Yeah! Sauce was minimal, which is how I prefer it. Turkey burger was fantastic. I finished everything - maybe I should start taking "before" and "after" pictures. :o) Of course, "after" pictures would always have an empty plate...

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