Saturday, May 14, 2011

NYC - Day 2

Breakfast: Pret a Manger 
Egg salad and roasted tomato made-earlier-in-the-morning sandwich with Pret seasoning on a French baguette
Honestly, my friend and I were wanting to go to Les Halles (see below) for brunch but they opened at 11:30 am. So, we stopped by Pret to grab a quick bite to eat before checking out Ground Zero. For satiating hunger, this was a good sandwich and this particular location was spacious (a rarity in NYC) and quite clean. I have no complaints.

One scoop of maple gingersnap and one scoop of Lebanese yogurt (on top)
This was a yummy combination! My friend chose maple gingersnap first, so I picked the Lebanese yogurt to complement. The tart Lebanese yogurt offered a great reprieve from the sweet gingersnap flavor - it cut the sweetness, so to speak. I have a serious sweet tooth, so for me to say that I needed the Lebanese yogurt to temper the maple gingersnap is a HUGE confession. I highly recommend that the two mate and create a tasty baby gelato flavor. The naming in and of itself would be awesome: Lebansnap; maple-ese; maplegurt; Lebanaple yogursnap. The list goes on and on ... 

Quiche du jour - Roasted tomato with petite mixed green salad
Yes, a quiche! I love quiches. It's not often that I'm out eating breakfast-y foods, so I tend to lean towards egg-based meals. That, or bagels and lox. (Mm..) This restaurant has ties to Anthony Bourdain, so I jumped at the chance to eat there. It has an old timey feel to it; what's nice is that the restaurant is much larger than it appears to be from the outside. It was pretty empty that day so it's hard to tell whether the service was excellent because of that or because it's genuinely excellent. It's hard to mess up a quiche.

Dinner: Citi Field food consisting of a Nathan's hot dog and garlic and Parmesan fries from Box Frites
Okay, so I normally like my hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, and relish. But there was also sauerkraut and I got greedy. >.> We had tried to find a Hebrew National stand but was told that they were probably closed for religious reasons. Ironic? Unfortunate? Sadness, for sure. To me, the dog didn't taste any different from others but that may have been due to my excessive condiment-hogging ways. At $4 a pop, I wasn't about to go get another one. ;oP The garlic and Parm fries, on the other hand, were DELISH. As long as they're hot/warm, they're awesome. Cold? Not so much. No need for ketchup, though you can get some if you want. Box Frites charges extra for special sauces; there is a bacon aioli sauce that goes well with it. Up to you!

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