Monday, May 23, 2011

Lime Taqueria

Sunday, I met up with a friend on the Cobb County side o' town and, thanks to Scoutmob, we had lunch at Lime Taqueria. The ambiance is great - clean, modern furniture and ginormous decorative limes. Service was great, too. However...

The complimentary chips and salsa were bland, for lack of a better word. The salsa lacked flavor. Bad sign. O_O

Guacamole & Totopos [Fresh avocados, cilantro, onions & jalapeños served with homemade corn tortilla chips] was awesome. Sturdy chips. *thumbs up*

The lentil soup [Lentil soup, sautéed applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, caramelized onion and cilantro] has bacon in it, hence it's pretty salty. This serving was quite salty but not to the point of returning it to the kitchen. O_O

The pescado taco [Crispy catfish filet served with mango jalapeño slaw and Caper Aioli] was tasty but had a bit too much of the aioli, which seemed to be mayo-based. To be fair, I do like fish tacos and I hadn't had a catfish one before. The slaw provided a nice kick. It'd be fine with less aioli is all I'm saying.

The food was inconsistent, which I rarely experience when I eat out. This restaurant has been open since 2007 - you'd think the kinks would be worked out by now. Mm, I'd be cautious about going here.

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  1. I felt much the same way when I went here. Would never eat here again. Food was definitely inconsistent and my tacos were incredibly bland.