Monday, May 30, 2011

The Nook

Anybody heard of The Nook the restaurant? (Not the e-reader!) It's close to Piedmont Park, which means parking is limited. They do have valet available for a $2 fee, tip not included. :o\ I caught up with a friend here over dinner: Duley Salad.

Duley Salad: Mixed greens and chopped Napa cabbage with Mandarin orange slices, tomatoes, and cashews in cilantro honey lime vinaigrette, peanut sauce, topped with wonton crisps. I opted for the grilled chicken. And I asked for the dressing and peanut sauce on the side. I order salads this way all the time, and I rarely finish the amount of dressing that's given to me. There's no one measuring the amount of dressing that goes on a salad, so please be responsible with your fork. ;oP

The salad was both tasty and filling. You have to cut the chicken into smaller pieces, but it's nothing you can't handle by yourself. ;o) Usually, vinaigrette dressings are a mixed bag - sometimes too acidic, sometimes too sweet. This one was well-balanced and seemed appropriate for the summer weather. I don't remember whether the cashews were there but this visit was about a week ago, so my mind could very well be playing tricks on me. Service was good, and there's a small outdoor area/patio if you want to enjoy the warm weather.

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