Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ

What?! Hawaiian BBQ???? :oO How did I not know about this place!? Spelling typo aside, I was invited here by a friend who is obviously withholding awesome restaurant information from me. [Note to self: browbeat said friend for more info.] This is located near the intersection of Briarcliff and LaVista with limited parking but you could easily park across the street, if need be. I ordered the Waikikie Combo. You have two options for sides - either 2 scoops of steamed rice + 1 scoop macaroni salad OR green salad. You can tell from the picture which side I chose, and I chose it simply because I have not been eating a lot of greens lately... as evidenced by previous posts. ;oP

They were really skimpy on the dressing... but it ended up being an adequate amount for me. Just FYI.

Waikikie Combo: BBQ beef, BBQ short ribs, and BBQ chicken

It was a good, cheap meal. Ultimately, it reminded me of Korean BBQ, which is a testament to the multitude Asian populations that have inhabited Hawaii over time. In case you were wondering, that is cabbage underneath the BBQ meats. It was just the right portion size for me - I cleaned my plate!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Nook

Anybody heard of The Nook the restaurant? (Not the e-reader!) It's close to Piedmont Park, which means parking is limited. They do have valet available for a $2 fee, tip not included. :o\ I caught up with a friend here over dinner: Duley Salad.

Duley Salad: Mixed greens and chopped Napa cabbage with Mandarin orange slices, tomatoes, and cashews in cilantro honey lime vinaigrette, peanut sauce, topped with wonton crisps. I opted for the grilled chicken. And I asked for the dressing and peanut sauce on the side. I order salads this way all the time, and I rarely finish the amount of dressing that's given to me. There's no one measuring the amount of dressing that goes on a salad, so please be responsible with your fork. ;oP

The salad was both tasty and filling. You have to cut the chicken into smaller pieces, but it's nothing you can't handle by yourself. ;o) Usually, vinaigrette dressings are a mixed bag - sometimes too acidic, sometimes too sweet. This one was well-balanced and seemed appropriate for the summer weather. I don't remember whether the cashews were there but this visit was about a week ago, so my mind could very well be playing tricks on me. Service was good, and there's a small outdoor area/patio if you want to enjoy the warm weather.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lime Taqueria

Sunday, I met up with a friend on the Cobb County side o' town and, thanks to Scoutmob, we had lunch at Lime Taqueria. The ambiance is great - clean, modern furniture and ginormous decorative limes. Service was great, too. However...

The complimentary chips and salsa were bland, for lack of a better word. The salsa lacked flavor. Bad sign. O_O

Guacamole & Totopos [Fresh avocados, cilantro, onions & jalapeños served with homemade corn tortilla chips] was awesome. Sturdy chips. *thumbs up*

The lentil soup [Lentil soup, sautéed applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, caramelized onion and cilantro] has bacon in it, hence it's pretty salty. This serving was quite salty but not to the point of returning it to the kitchen. O_O

The pescado taco [Crispy catfish filet served with mango jalapeño slaw and Caper Aioli] was tasty but had a bit too much of the aioli, which seemed to be mayo-based. To be fair, I do like fish tacos and I hadn't had a catfish one before. The slaw provided a nice kick. It'd be fine with less aioli is all I'm saying.

The food was inconsistent, which I rarely experience when I eat out. This restaurant has been open since 2007 - you'd think the kinks would be worked out by now. Mm, I'd be cautious about going here.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pallookaville Corn Dogs

A lot of my friends were confused when I mentioned Pallookaville Gourmet Corn Dogs at Tunes from the Tombs at Oakland Cemetery. Some background info:

I first heard about Pallookaville from a friend of mine about three years ago. She had watched a PBA special on top ten hidden gem restaurants in Atlanta, and sent me the list of restaurants saying that we should create a dining out group to hit up these places. This group did not materialize, however, I kept the list all this time in an effort to knock out visits to the restaurants myself. Here's the list:

1. The Colonnade
2. Nick's Greek Food To Go
3. Silver Skillet*
4. The Beautiful Restaurant
5. The Red Snapper*
6. Carver's Country Kitchen
7. Nuevo Laredo Cantina*
8. Alfredo's
9. Miss Ann's Snack Bar
10. Pallookaville* (Gourmet Corn Dog stand)

The asterisks indicate which restaurants I've attended. As you can tell, I still have a ways to go.  -____-" At any rate, I found out Pallookaville was going to be at Tunes from the Tombs, so I made it my mission to get a corn dog.

The "Wrong" jar contains ketchup packets.

The Fryinstein Monster - "From the Pallookaville Laboratories comes this unholy union of beef frank, spicy Italian sausage, and juicy Polish kielbasa, skewered on the same stick and wrapped in bandages of Laffo's own super secret golden cornbread! Also available in jalapeño and cheese cornbread!" $5

spicy Italian sausage

beef frank

Polish kielbasa

Despite the description, the meats were rearranged slightly differently on the stick. I opted for the regular cornbread because I wanted the "original" cornbread batter. 

The process is simple: the pre-sticked dogs are dipped in the batter of your choice and fried on the spot. I waited a bit to sink my teeth into it lest I burn myself and miss enjoying the moment.

I have to say I enjoyed the Italian sausage and beef frank immensely (with spicy brown mustard, if you must know), but the kielbasa didn't seem to jive well with the cornbread. There are other dog options, of course, but this one allowed me to sample all the meats at one time. There is also a fried pickle option for vegetarians. Unlike store-bought corn dogs, these had a great balance to them. The ratio of cornbread to meat was fantastic.

My friends and I also split a large order of fries. FYI: The picture above is not an accurate depiction of the amount of fries in the order. They were greasy and tasted okay - nothing to write home about though. 

To polish off our appetites, we walked over to King of Pops, a gourmet popsicle stand. Like Pallookaville, King of Pops does not have a physical storefront location. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Popsicles vary from day to day, but the price remains the same: $2.50/pop. Cash only.

L to R: peach basil, banana pudding, and strawberry lemon

You can see the banana slices in the popsicle. NOM
You can never go wrong with banana pudding. Unless you're allergic, in which case, more for me. ;o)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Truck Friday

Hankook's Daily Special

This should have the nickname, Gluttony. Hankook's sesame fries were used in lieu of tortilla chips in this "nacho" concoction. I asked for it without jalapenos. It was, of course, delicious but you couldn't help but feel an airway or two becoming constricted. I would recommend it without the cheese sauce though; the sauce overwhelmed the fries towards the bottom of the basket. I'm unsure whether this special is truck-specific or applicable to both the truck and the restaurant itself but it's worth asking.

NYC - Day 3

Ahh, the final day.


Breakfast: Westway Diner
Challah French Toast with scrambled eggs and sausage
I loved that the challah was just sweet enough for me NOT to put any syrup on it. :o) 



Lunch: Soomsoom
Combination -  they sell falafels à la carte (pita, falafel, salad). The falafel itself was good - I hadn't had a proper falafel in a while, but it's far too pricey. We wanted to go to Mahmoun's (I believe) but didn't have time.

After that, I had to bid NY farewell and head home. Overall, I would rate the Shack Stack Burger as the highlight meal of the trip. The muenster and cheddar cheese-filled fried portobello mushroom was unexpected in so many good ways.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

NYC - Day 2

Breakfast: Pret a Manger 
Egg salad and roasted tomato made-earlier-in-the-morning sandwich with Pret seasoning on a French baguette
Honestly, my friend and I were wanting to go to Les Halles (see below) for brunch but they opened at 11:30 am. So, we stopped by Pret to grab a quick bite to eat before checking out Ground Zero. For satiating hunger, this was a good sandwich and this particular location was spacious (a rarity in NYC) and quite clean. I have no complaints.

One scoop of maple gingersnap and one scoop of Lebanese yogurt (on top)
This was a yummy combination! My friend chose maple gingersnap first, so I picked the Lebanese yogurt to complement. The tart Lebanese yogurt offered a great reprieve from the sweet gingersnap flavor - it cut the sweetness, so to speak. I have a serious sweet tooth, so for me to say that I needed the Lebanese yogurt to temper the maple gingersnap is a HUGE confession. I highly recommend that the two mate and create a tasty baby gelato flavor. The naming in and of itself would be awesome: Lebansnap; maple-ese; maplegurt; Lebanaple yogursnap. The list goes on and on ... 

Quiche du jour - Roasted tomato with petite mixed green salad
Yes, a quiche! I love quiches. It's not often that I'm out eating breakfast-y foods, so I tend to lean towards egg-based meals. That, or bagels and lox. (Mm..) This restaurant has ties to Anthony Bourdain, so I jumped at the chance to eat there. It has an old timey feel to it; what's nice is that the restaurant is much larger than it appears to be from the outside. It was pretty empty that day so it's hard to tell whether the service was excellent because of that or because it's genuinely excellent. It's hard to mess up a quiche.

Dinner: Citi Field food consisting of a Nathan's hot dog and garlic and Parmesan fries from Box Frites
Okay, so I normally like my hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, and relish. But there was also sauerkraut and I got greedy. >.> We had tried to find a Hebrew National stand but was told that they were probably closed for religious reasons. Ironic? Unfortunate? Sadness, for sure. To me, the dog didn't taste any different from others but that may have been due to my excessive condiment-hogging ways. At $4 a pop, I wasn't about to go get another one. ;oP The garlic and Parm fries, on the other hand, were DELISH. As long as they're hot/warm, they're awesome. Cold? Not so much. No need for ketchup, though you can get some if you want. Box Frites charges extra for special sauces; there is a bacon aioli sauce that goes well with it. Up to you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NYC - Day 1

Breakfast: Lenny's
H&H whole wheat bagel with cream cheese
Freshly toasted and eaten on the go, this whole wheat bagel was delicious. Holy.crap. The cream cheese was generous, even for me.


Lunch: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) fifth floor terrace
Roasted cauliflower and Bayley Hazen blue cheese tart served with red endive & arugula salad, shaved apple, and pomegranate shallot vinaigrette.
I immediately thought of a quiche when this dish was presented to me. Though the wait was long, the roasted cauliflower hit the spot. I knew I had more walking to do in the city, so I deliberately chose this as "light" food fare.

Dinner: Shake Shack
Shack Stack Burger - Cheese burger with a 'Shroom burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce
The Shack Stack burger was phenomenal. There was plenty of beef, which should satisfy the meat lovers out there. The glue that binds this burger, however, is the muenster and cheddar cheese-filled fried portobello mushroom. O-M-G. It's been my experience that when you bite into a port mushroom cap, you invariably end up eating the entire cap in the process because it's so "gummy." The fried 'shroom allowed you to take actual bites with your burger. The best part? With each bite of mushroom, the cheese stuffing oozed out onto the rest of the burger. OooOOooo... so. good. Food porn alert!