Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lee's Bakery

At the corner of Clairmont Road and Buford Highway, Lee's Bakery is hidden behind the Chevron gas station. It takes up the corner of a newish shopping center, and is part-restaurant, part-grocery store, part-bakery. Interesting combination, no? I came here with a friend to try the special banh mi sandwich, which consists of a French baguette filled with (usually) three different kinds of meats (beef, pork, pate), carrots, pickled daikon, mayo, and cilantro. The result is uber-delicious. I normally get my banh mi from Quoc Huong in the 99 Ranch Plaza (or Ranch 99, depending on whom you talk to). I have to say that Lee's baguette certainly tastes better - it's not only softer but comes relatively fresh from the oven, which is a plus in my book. Now, I haven't had Quoc Huong in a while but the ingredients and portion sizes are pretty much the same across the board. Still, I'll have to stop by Q.H. (there, it's the combination sandwich) soon to make a proper comparison.

Special note: Both places offer "buy five, get one free" specials but Lee's only offers this for take-out orders. Sandwiches run between $2-$3 each, so it's a great deal for groups. I believe both places have minimums for purchases if you want to use a credit card, so bring cash if you can.


  1. I went there, had the Bahn mi and Pho combo. was good lol

  2. Love Lee's. They supposedly supply the baguettes that Quoc Huong uses in their sandwiches. Plus the fact they they accept cards (unlke Q.H.), I end up at Lee's way more often. Yay!