Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lee's Bakery

At the corner of Clairmont Road and Buford Highway, Lee's Bakery is hidden behind the Chevron gas station. It takes up the corner of a newish shopping center, and is part-restaurant, part-grocery store, part-bakery. Interesting combination, no? I came here with a friend to try the special banh mi sandwich, which consists of a French baguette filled with (usually) three different kinds of meats (beef, pork, pate), carrots, pickled daikon, mayo, and cilantro. The result is uber-delicious. I normally get my banh mi from Quoc Huong in the 99 Ranch Plaza (or Ranch 99, depending on whom you talk to). I have to say that Lee's baguette certainly tastes better - it's not only softer but comes relatively fresh from the oven, which is a plus in my book. Now, I haven't had Quoc Huong in a while but the ingredients and portion sizes are pretty much the same across the board. Still, I'll have to stop by Q.H. (there, it's the combination sandwich) soon to make a proper comparison.

Special note: Both places offer "buy five, get one free" specials but Lee's only offers this for take-out orders. Sandwiches run between $2-$3 each, so it's a great deal for groups. I believe both places have minimums for purchases if you want to use a credit card, so bring cash if you can.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Itchy Travel Finger

I'm not a food snob, I just want to eat tasty food. My friend, Jinah, recommended that I start a food blog. I figured, 'Well, I already take food pictures anyway. Why not?' Thus, this blog was born.

I've had the luxury of being able to travel a few times per year simply because I can. My grad school schedule prevents me from traveling as often but, as the semester nears its end, I am left daydreaming about New York, a summer free from classes, and Australia. Let the adventures begin.